Video Drawings

“Video Drawings” consisted in a series of opportunistic actions recorded on video as they are being enacted. One in Detroit airport was interrupted by the police. Others occurred on public transport or in hotels. Locations included New York, Toronto, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Bregenz. One of several initiatives of mine that question the privilege afforded “drawing” as a primary expressive medium, the videos proposed that if the concept “drawing” exists at all that it should exist everywhere, at any time, undifferentiated and unprivileged. The actions were improvisatory and unrehearsed, resorting to camera angles that make the most out of difficult locations, a resourcefulness intended as part of their content. The rough and ready sequences were quickly set up and recorded without much preparation.

Drawings made on toilets in Chicago O’Hare Airport (2004) and Budapest Ludwig Museum (2019) that are equipped with mechanized seat-cleaning fixtures.

Let The Sunshine In, Bregenz, 1999

Detroit Airport, 2003

Cleveland Mirror, 2006

Bus Window, London, 2002

Mirror Light Switch, Cincinnati, 2005


London to Bournemouth train, 2003
Mirror Man, Mirror Me, 2007
Purple Mirror, Toronto, 2006

Mirror Lights, Cincinnati, 2005

Video Drawing–Broadstairs

Greencastle, Indiana

Lights Now, 2010